They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I wrote 1000 headlines.



  1. Speed is about to get a lesson in fast.

  2. It only takes one round to get a knockout. But it takes years of practice to get there.

  3. March to the beat of 1st place.

  4. Giving it all you've got takes everything.

  5. Brim with Muhammad Ali confidence.

  6. Set the stage, ablaze.

  7. Hits so fast you have to see it to not believe it.

  8. Muhammad Ali: innovator of the slow dance.

  9. There's only room for one on the bottom.

  10. Train on. Train until your dreams come true.

  11. When your only speed is faster.

  12. Keep the peace or keep winning.

  13. Chasing his own ghost.

  14. Punched above his weight. Speed way above it.

  15. Knowing yourself is half the battle.

  16. Victory is only a part of winning.

  17. He was more than his greatest moment.

  18. It takes a hit to see if you can take a hit.

  19. There’s a team behind every one.

  20. Boxing: turning the other cheek back around.

  21. Every fall gives chance to rise.

  22. The only shortcut to the top is starting at the bottom.

  23. For whom the bell rings when he says it rings.

  24. Gave it to you straight, hooked, and uppercut.

  25. Made the impossible possible for others.

  26. His resume was written, with his left and right jabs.

  27. 8 to 1 odds, still a favorite.

  28. Unassailable resume outside the ring.

  29. His voice spoke louder than actions.

  30. His force outside the ring was possible by doing the impossible inside the ring.

  31. Impossible, meet your maker.

  32. Surrounded by doubters, turned into believers.

  33. The one who suffers training the most wins the most.

  34. Step up to the challenge or let yourself down.

  35. How your will breaks is up to your will.

  36. Last one who rests gains first success.

  37. Exceed your own threshold.

  38. When everything must come to an end, constantly make new beginnings.

  39. If you don't push yourself, others will do it to you.

  40. Champions choose the path of most resistance.

  41. Everyone has a dream, not everyone follows them.

  42. A man whose words spoke louder than his actions.

  43. Modern "Wanted" poster.

  44. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the training.

  45. When everything's on the line, there's every reason to win.

  46. Whoever said they've got "nothing to lose", never met Muhammad Ali.

  47. Remember your goals. Forget your excuses.

  48. 99% of the game is mental. And he's already in your head.

  49. A true artist who could dance, sing, and paint you a picture of the outcome.

  50. Always brought out the best in others; for better or rarely worse.

  51. A super positive attitude will lead to a super positive outcome.

  52. Bring your A-game, B-game and C-game for backup.

  53. Ali wins by unanimous indecision.

  54. Lean In: Muhammad Ali, work and the will to win; a book by Sheryl Sandberg.

  55. When millions predicted he'd lose, he predicted they were wrong.

  56. Turned doubters into beALIevers.

  57. Back to the Future 2: not even Biff got this right.

  58. Look into your past and you'll see your past. Look into your future and you'll find greatness.

  59. Know your limits, and break them.

  60. While others always labeled him, he made a name for himself.

  61. It takes more than one punch to KO, but its always the last punch that is remembered.

  62. Round one 

  63. It takes a barrage of punches to get to the last one.

  64. He'd give you a show every night he showed up.

  65. What you don't see are the hours and hours and hours of training it took to get there.

  66. When you know you know.

  67. Captured for all to see.

  68. Never took a normal picture in his life

  69. Greatest photo of all time

  70. Find your _______ smarts

  71. Being a great athlete extends beyond the playing field

  72. Lead by example.

  73. Create creators not followers.

  74. Hot water running through veins

  75. History is something they make. The future is yours to.

  76. Find your resolve

  77. When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force

  78. “Lay down your arms.” - Quitters

  79. Train until it hurts for the nth time.

  80. If you think there’s someone working harder than you work harder.

  81. Never question motivation.

  82. The many faces of motivation.

  83. Win the crowd, even if they hate you.

  84. All sports are team sports. Find your team.

  85. Face your demons victoriously

  86. Overcome what you think you can’t.

  87. The fearless never stop facing their fears

  88. What are you willing to sacrifice?

  89. Sacrifice comfort for success

  90. Prevail through the many trials and tribulations

  91. The man you love to hate

  92. Everyone wants to see you fail. So succeed.

  93. Television’s golden age of boxing in black and white.

  94. Never fight just to fight. Fight to disprove.

  95. Know your role. Then surpass it.

  96. What you do outside the ring is more impactful than inside.

  97. What happens off the floor matters on it.

  98. Strategy and execution.

  99. Pictures capture the only time he stood still.

  100. Hit the lights out

  101. Live, breathe, and sleep your dream

  102. Sports trash generator

  103. Understand what you don't understand

  104. Head to toe with the greatest

  105. Bear dead in the water

  106. See what separates winners and losers

  107. He’ll go down as one of the greatest

  108. Nothing but jabs

  109. When the stage is set, stand on it.

  110. The key to fishing: taunt and bait

  111. Know how to set the stage

  112. Mark his words

  113. Best marksman the world of boxing has ever seen

  114. Hold the world over

  115. Hit and don’t get hit.

  116. Speed you can’t see to believe

  117. It’s not how hard you can take a hit but how you can get back up from any.

  118. Resolute in his stance as a fighter

  119. Create your own pedigree

  120. Leader of the boxing world

  121. The greatest blood boiling moment in sports

  122. Like a fine wine he only gets better with time.

  123. Experience this picture in HD.

  124. Pursuer of freedoms beyond speech

  125. A man comfortable in the spotlight

  126. Consciousness gained in the ring

  127. Consciousness in the ring and beyond.

  128. Mark left on the world.

  129. Legacy left in a photo

  130. The length and handles to manhandle

  131. Don’t call it a comeback ‘cause it wasn’t.

  132. Great patience leads to greater reward.

  133. No idea what just transpired

  134. Punch it!

  135. Controversial. Polarizing. Kanye of the 60s.

  136. Doesn’t matter if you lose by a lot or lose by a little

  137. In the kettle out the spout

  138. He was a Heavyweight Louisville. Honor him.

  139. Shoot to knock it down

  140. Boxing’s cheat code

  141. You snooze you lose

  142. And the crowd roars boos

  143. If the glove fits you mustn’t quit

  144. Doubt is nothing. Belief is everything.

  145. Stand up for your rights

  146. Savior of boxing. Bringer of its downfall.

  147. Fight ‘till the tank’s empty

  148. Give it your all before the fall

  149. The most simultaneous jaw drops in recorded history

  150. Make their jaws drop

  151. Back in black

  152. Guts over brawn

  153. Heart over brute strength

  154. What good is drive without pursuit?

  155. The record books showed he lived happily forever after

  156. You can never read too much into it.

  157. One of the greatest of all civil rights activists

  158. If you're not vocal about it it doesn't matter enough

  159. Expect the fall after the pride

  160. The pride before the fallen

  161. Hit the broad side of the barn

  162. Clearest view of the generation gap

  163. The student becomes the teacher

  164. Father time takes his toll

  165. They said outcome was by no means… they said

  166. Prove the haters right

  167. Frequently ignored. Impossible to disregard.

  168. The crowd came alive, their spirits died.

  169. Feel it coming in the air

  170. Not possible, by any stretch of the imagination.

  171. A public outcry for fairness

  172. Heaviest hitter with the largest impact

  173. Mess with the game until it’s yours

  174. Picture worth one word: Greatness.

  175. Hits everything he can see.

  176. Stay out of school

  177. Change things up forever

  178. “Souffle baby!”

  179. The impact he made hit harder than any punch

  180. The greatest of Alzheimer's

  181. Parkinson’s awareness

  182. The bell tolls beyond the ring.

  183. The advent of sports trash talk

  184. Get what you work for

  185. Hard work beats talent.

  186. Look down the barrel of success

  187. The rules don’t rule you

  188. The rules never said what to do outside the ring

  189. To know of him is to honor his greatness

  190. Overcome the odds in your favor

  191. Triumph against all or fall behind

  192. Freeze time

  193. Will the toll of the bell ring the beginning or the end?

  194. Catch their attention and never let go

  195. Go faster than the flow

  196. Rapture the moment

  197. What is it you wish to do with your life?

  198. Hold back only when you need to.

  199. Walk a mile in your own shoes

  200. The exact contrast of what could have been

  201. When they don’t believe what you tell them. Show them.

  202. Not your typical anything

  203. 23 year old corners elderly man

  204. 23 is the magic age in sports

  205. 23 year old verbally assaults elderly man

  206. What's trending. 1965 edition.

  207. Hot off every press

  208. Eat your Wheaties

  209. There are knockouts, then there's the knockout

  210. There will always be many of them, but only one of you

  211. Your best needs to get better

  212. Make them history

  213. History in the making. Others are just history.

  214. Training for the day makes the day just training

  215. Never unreachable are these moments to the reachers

  216. Pictures like these had their frame in the spotlight

  217. It's not a stretch to say it's unreachable

  218. The Life of Ali

  219. Authored by Muhammad Ali. Forward by Sonny Liston.

  220. What does that make you?

  221. When you see it coming it’s too late

  222. Old age should burn and rave at close of day

  223. Find the glove that fits the best

  224. Hit like a storm

  225. Nothing stood in the way of Hurricane Ali.

  226. Everything inside comes from everything outside

  227. Repetition. Repetition. Delivery.

  228. Caught on camera

  229. There's nothing worse than reliving your best

  230. After always living on the outside it’s the inside where you truly feel alive

  231. No will is stronger than the will to succeed.

  232. Will whatever you will

  233. They only let you go so far before they strip everything

  234. If the glove doesn't fit you must quit

  235. You had to be there to not see it

  236. Battle like someone's trying to take your job

  237. If you're not always working you're behind

  238. In order to get ahead you need to come from behind

  239. Create odds against yourself. Then beat them.

  240. Reason you’ll never be a nobody

  241. Make somethings of yourself

  242. Every glance is another lesson

  243. Take matters from their hands

  244. Rise up against the odds.

  245. Register for recognition

  246. Recognition is earned not deserved.

  247. In order to gain recognition you must take it from others.

  248. Fame is short. Infamy is forever.

  249. Fame jabs. Infamy reaches.

  250. Act like nothing is up for grabs.

  251. If something’s up for grabs you shouldn’t want it anymore

  252. Pour out your feelings

  253. Some ground rules: never get knocked out

  254. Impossible to deny greatness

  255. Take your rightful seat

  256. Take what’s rightfully yours

  257. Do what feels right or left

  258. You’re killing me talls

  259. Motivation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday.

  260. Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something

  261. When bragging becomes modesty.

  262. Boast to the best or your abilities.

  263. Boasting becomes Modesty.

  264. Being humble only gets you so far

  265. Be boastful of your own abilities.

  266. Swagger like no other

  267. For when you lose sight of your goal

  268. Stand for what you believe in. Sit for rest.

  269. Last man standing against the odds

  270. The quick brown fox stood over the lazy bear

  271. What it's like to fall on hard times

  272. There’s nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s the problem.

  273. Get back up from anything.

  274. Only you get to decide when things happen.

  275. Be mindful of what your heart is telling you.

  276. When you retire, make ‘em miss you

  277. Make moments. Not excuses.

  278. Keep your mind on your goals

  279. Get moving.

  280. Swagger lately?

  281. Embrace what your training gave you

  282. Fate loves the fearless

  283. You had to be there to miss it

  284. Heavy is the head that wears the belt

  285. Heavy is the head that wears crowns

  286. Shake everything up

  287. What are enemies for?

  288. Two for two.

  289. Take pages from his book.

  290. Get what you need

  291. Never apologize for taking what's yours

  292. In the face of adversity face adversity

  293. Face Adversity

  294. Face the face of adversity

  295. You may not be the greatest but be it anyway

  296. The curtains calling

  297. Get what it takes

  298. This will be your world

  299. Have what it takes

  300. Do you have what it takes?

  301. Are you willing to give what it takes?

  302. 6am is calling. Get up.

  303. What you have to lose is nothing compared to what you have to gain.

  304. What you have to lose is never as much as what you can gain.

  305. Gain more than you lose.

  306. Everyone’s story is different. Find your own.

  307. Everyone’s moment is different. Find yours.

  308. Everyone’s story is different. But greatness is greatness.

  309. Greatness is greatness. No matter who it comes from.

  310. Nobody said it was going to be difficult. We're saying it.

  311. Keep Going. Never Quit.

  312. Fight for what you care about


  314. GOAT’S FLOAT. Others sink.

  315. Float like root beer. Sting like the Hobbit.

  316. It's not chance if you've earned it

  317. Muhammad Ali: Destroyer of worlds

  318. Black Privilege

  319. Whatever it takes whenever

  320. Talk the talk. Dance the dance.

  321. Be the man of the Hour, Year, and Decade.

  322. Hit the ground sprinting

  323. 6am ready to go or nothing

  324. How do you spend your mornings?

  325. Put in the time. Reap the rewards.

  326. Those who put in the time

  327. Those who work for reward

  328. Get your way to the finish line

  329. How you finish is everything

  330. How you begin is important. How you finish is everything.

  331. Answer the call to greatness

  332. Greatness is in everyone. Working for it isn't.

  333. Reach and get what’s yours

  334. Pounding your own blood and sweat is more important than pounding theirs

  335. Take all your time to reach you goal

  336. Goal: Greatness

  337. Stay overtime

  338. Stay until it hurts again

  339. Steal his freedom and he'll earn it again.

  340. Some don't go down without a fight

  341. Take away his titles and he's still a champion

  342. Fighter for freedom.

  343. Fighter for dreams.

  344. Fight to be great.

  345. Overcome the odds

  346. Prove everyone wrong

  347. Win and give the haters another reason to hate you

  348. The ultimate fighter’s fight against violence

  349. Take all the time you got for everything you want

  350. Every last breath last again

  351. Talk from experience

  352. Ask yourself what hurts more: losing or how your body feels?

  353. 99% of the time you're not giving it your all

  354. When you've had enough you haven't

  355. This feeling lasts for generations

  356. Don't waste your time for 2nd place

  357. When you're working hard you need harder work

  358. When the rooster calls get up

  359. Wake up the rooster

  360. Tired is an excuse your body’s making for you

  361. When greatness is on your mind all the time

  362. Forget whatever doubts you had about yourself.

  363. The one and only

  364. Be Worthy.

  365. Prove you can

  366. Walk the mile in his shoes

  367. Training day is everyday

  368. Stunning man left many upset

  369. The roaring 20s.  

  370. You never know when’s the last you'll meet is. Make it today.

  371. Old school meets present day

  372. Step into the danger zone

  373. Pack a punch

  374. Total Unrecalled

  375. Not all blackouts mean you had a good time

  376. Sometimes you need to play checkers instead of chess

  377. Do your swagger stance

  378. The sound of millions of grown men whining

  379. Stay by your side

  380. Find strength in yourself

  381. Reserve strength

  382. Col Sanders would be proud

  383. It takes will to fight adversity

  384. The will to power through

  385. Motivation comes in any form

  386. Take your eye off of whatever isn't the prize

  387. Keep your eye on the prizes

  388. Grab ahold of destiny

  389. Actively pursue this

  390. Be on the cover of every bedrooms wall

  391. Wallpaper of the decade

  392. Drop them to the floor

  393. Find your reason to try

  394. Not everyone is capable of such a feat. But every is capable of pursuing it.

  395. There’s forfeiting. And then there's triumphing.

  396. Triumph over yourself

  397. Don't be lazy. Be easy going.

  398. Give it your all or nothing at all

  399. It's all or everything

  400. Keep hunting keep running

  401. Rage against time

  402. You never know what's around the corner

  403. Never doubt yourself or them

  404. Adapt to favorable conditions

  405. Use anything to discover your potential

  406. Got milk?

  407. Reach out and touch someone

  408. Trash like the best of them

  409. Sticks and stones may break my bones and words can hurt

  410. Get in touch with your over sensitive side

  411. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words hurt more

  412. Find out how courage

  413. Based on Human Rights Principles

  414. Drop anything you're doing for greatness

  415. Your greatest legacy is whatever you make of your name

  416. Look adversity in the eyes

  417. Up close and very personal

  418. Sports’ most unbelievable moment

  419. Cover of every newspaper

  420. Lining bird cages 2 days from now

  421. In case you missed it so did everyone there

  422. The only poster you'll need

  423. One feat says it all

  424. Beginning of the end

  425. Deal with your issues

  426. Ignite your fire. Put theirs out.

  427. You yourself and Ali

  428. Me myself and Ali

  429. Whatever gets you through the fight

  430. Exhaust everything you've got

  431. Exhaust exhaustion

  432. Rickey to the gun show

  433. Next stop pound town.

  434. The air collectively left the room

  435. Airbag went off

  436. Some runways are squares

  437. Not just a dream.

  438. Get your way to cloud nine

  439. Never Shine Too Much

  440. When Lightning Strikes strike back

  441. Written in the stars a anti-hero will rise

  442. Redemption from winning

  443. Take more than pain

  444. It takes more than pain to gain

  445. Let it sink in

  446. Brush ‘em off

  447. Move over #1

  448. Charged By Motivation.

  449. Not the most exciting. Definitely the most unforgettable.

  450. Pay homage to the G.O.A.T.

  451. Be Larger than Life

  452. Be Larger than this Poster

  453. Greatest Heavyweight by a Longshot

  454. Top of his class

  455. There is no equal.

  456. Drama King in the ring. Fighter for equality.

  457. Drama King of the Ring.

  458. Fire back harder

  459. Keep fighting after the gloves come off

  460. When the gloves come on the restraints come off

  461. The only one who saw this coming

  462. Knock their socks off

  463. Knock Knock. I’m Here.

  464. This is your moment

  465. This is your decisive second

  466. Get where you deserve

  467. When there are only doubters there’s only motivation

  468. Turn doubt into decisive

  469. Unleash captain hook

  470. Recognize the best

  471. Be the smartest person in the room

  472. FOCUS

  473. Earn the right to be the hero

  474. Give it everything you're about to get

  475. On the brightest stage the lights were punched out

  476. Punch Out featuring Muhammad Ali

  477. Ali vs Everyone

  478. Hate him if he wins, love him if he loses

  479. America’s most hated

  480. Unorthodox meets conventional

  481. Be different

  482. Stand apart from those lying down

  483. Slow the game down

  484. Down goes Liston in Ali’s fashion

  485. Drop the bass

  486. When will the beat drop?

  487. Muhammad Ali’s explosion

  488. Muhammad Ali’s bomb

  489. Threw a bomb with each punch

  490. First step was a fake. Second step was a fake again.

  491. Let me see you 1 2 3 step

  492. Ali’s Shuffle to end all scuffles

  493. Do the Ali Shuffle

  494. Throw in their towel

  495. Make them throw in the towel

  496. Your number is about to be called

  497. Ali’s fair in glove and war

  498. Cat in gloves catches no mice, only bears

  499. When it just fits like a glove

  500. The gloves are on

  501. Handled with kid gloves

  502. Ali was hand in glove with Liston

  503. Rule with a bloody glove

  504. Ruled with an iron glove

  505. The ropes can't help you

  506. The bear was a red flag to the bull

  507. Red in the face from Ali’s punch

  508. Wave the red flag

  509. Never back down. Unless you're outmatched. Then back down.

  510. Roll out the red carpet

  511. When Cassius Clay became the greatest

  512. The Taunt

  513. The fight erupted controversy. The taunt ended it.

  514. The fight erupted controversy. The taunt changed the conversation

  515. Stand on your own terms

  516. To those who rewrite the rules

  517. Lace em up

  518. Slaced Up

  519. To become polarizing you have to be yourself

  520. Imitating the greatest is the greatest form of flattery

  521. Head of a lion

  522. Deny a champion his belt and they’ll just take it again

  523. The only thing standing in your way is them

  524. Stand up from his right

  525. Get up get down

  526. Down for this

  527. A gon’ give it to ya

  528. First things last

  529. Damn Naysayers

  530. Color changes everything

  531. Greatness in color

  532. Reminder: kick ass today

  533. Earn respect.

  534. Throw out the towel

  535. Earn their disrespect.

  536. 70s life goals

  537. Find inspiration in the ringer

  538. Where men are made

  539. When boys turn to men

  540. If you can't punch learn to take one

  541. If you can't take a punch learn to dish ‘em out

  542. Off the ropes. Out on top

  543. On top of the world off the ropes

  544. What you realize after being backed into a corner

  545. Find your inner champion

  546. Search for inspiration

  547. Inspiration that moves you

  548. Be quick. Be fast. But more importantly be faster than your quicker.

  549. Be faster than your fastest

  550. Release your inner beast

  551. Beast Wars

  552. Uncage your inner beast

  553. Take off your shackles

  554. Saw it from a viewfinder

  555. Front row seat brought to you by Canon

  556. Shot of a shot of a lifetime

  557. You reach, they’ll teach

  558. Polarizing advertising

  559. Colorizing polarizing surprising criticizing exercising recognizing.

  560. Predecessor to the Foreman Grill

  561. Swing and a hit?

  562. Bear down to Greatness

  563. Fight for what you believe

  564. Fight for your beliefs

  565. Fight their beliefs about you

  566. You're always in some spotlight

  567. Find your spotlight

  568. Spotlight moment

  569. Classic in the making

  570. Making of a champion

  571. Champions never fall twice

  572. Shook heaven and earth with that fall

  573. Boy I oughta smack you

  574. Heavy is the head on its shoulders

  575. Believe what you can't see

  576. No one saw this coming.

  577. Iron sharpens Iron

  578. Sonny Liston hates vegetables.

  579. Find your spinach

  580. Popeye’s Louisville Fast

  581. Phantom Pain caused by a phantom punch

  582. Phantom Punch of the Opera

  583. Sonny goes Cassius to cashless

  584. Before the Foreman Grill

  585. Feel ALIve

  586. ALIve

  587. Fear me

  588. Just one those Sondays

  589. Feeling like Sonny Right now

  590. Wealthiest man for a day

  591. PAYDAY

  592. When Cassius Met Sonny

  593. Saw this on the radio

  594. Breaking the newspapers

  595. Clay becomes a model

  596. Molded by Clay

  597. Defeated by speed talking

  598. Defeated beats Undefeated

  599. Champions never make excuses. They give reasons.

  600. Inch makes all the difference

  601. Every game is a game of inches

  602. Just keep swinging just keep swinging

  603. Lower the boom stick

  604. Only time and you can tell

  605. Psychological warfare

  606. It’s like you're there

  607. Best seat in the house

  608. Shot of the shot

  609. Upset the world

  610. Phantom punch seen around the world

  611. You either heard it or heard about it

  612. No one remembers the fix, only greatness

  613. Believe what you see

  614. Shameful spectacle turned spectacular

  615. Launch one man, ruin another.

  616. Forget what you hear. Remember what you see.

  617. Punch heard around the world

  618. Boxing was never the same

  619. Being Loud only gets you everywhere

  620. Two men enter one doesn't leave

  621. The Greatest Proven

  622. Bear Meets Man

  623. Train like there’s no tomorrow

  624. You’re not supposed to like training


  626. Liston had a better view than Leifer

  627. And they say Mayweather talks…

  628. Talk the talk. Talk the walk.

  629. Talk when no one else will.

  630. Sting like a son of a b

  631. Liston takes dive to please mob

  632. Ali makes headlines

  633. Hit ‘em with the jab stick

  634. Paw from the South

  635. Giant in their own

  636. Bear down to the Louisiana Lip

  637. Strong as a Bull beats the Bear

  638. It's a Bear’s market

  639. Bull vs Bear

  640. Man vs Bear

  641. Down like a Bear Market

  642. Murder in the 1st

  643. KO in the 1st

  644. Heroine’s a helluva drug

  645. Fast as a phantom

  646. The man you love to hate

  647. Put him on a stretcher. Send him to the zoo.

  648. History in the made

  649. Recognizable by everyone except Liston

  650. Liston’s dive mission

  651. Ali becomes more recognizable than Muhammad.

  652. The first Kodak moment

  653. Shot on camera

  654. Legends born. One buried.

  655. Bend don't break

  656. Prove your critics

  657. Silence gets you nowhere

  658. The crowd was roaring

  659. Hover glove

  660. Mondays... Am I right?

  661. Stood a chance

  662. Almost looks staged.

  663. Looks staged, feels staged, probably staged.

  664. Kinetic poetry

  665. Exchanged one blow

  666. Star Wars: The Phantom Punch.

  667. How to get away with murder

  668. Betcha never saw this coming

  669. The original “out of your seat” moment

  670. Measure a man not by his mouth but by his voice

  671. Judge a man by his voice not his mouth

  672. The consummate professional

  673. *Photoshopped

  674. How many jabs does it take to take down Liston? Not many

  675. Black Is The Old Black

  676. Black Is The New Black

  677. It doesn't matter how you shoot it if there’s no shot.

  678. He's got the moves like Muhammad

  679. How I Met Your Mother

  680. Sonny who?

  681. No greater shot in history

  682. Would you picture that.

  683. This. Is. Sports.

  684. There will be blood.

  685. ________. Speechless

  686. Call your loved ones.

  687. If you look closely you can see Liston’s spirit leave him.

  688. Carpe Diem

  689. The day Sonny was Eclipsed.

  690. Laid their money down on the man laid down

  691. I don't know about you, but he’s feeling 22.

  692. Dancing Among The Stars.

  693. Only one stands under the spotlight

  694. The decision of the fight came before they entered the ring

  695. His will greater than only his reach

  696. Outmatched only by his own drive

  697. Reach out to your close ones


  699. Orthodox meets Unorthodox

  700. Keep Humble at home.

  701. The only weight that matter was the weight on his shoulders

  702. Weigh-In who has the most chips on their shoulder

  703. Short shorts never go out of style

  704. The Good, The Bad and The Straight Up Ugly.

  705. There Are No Words. Only Boos.

  706. How To Take a Dive: Lesson 1

  707. Lessons in Meditation

  708. Gorilla takes down a Bear.

  709. Most opinionated sporting event

  710. The only man he ever pictured on his back

  711. It's normally women Ali pictures on their backs

  712. Got Eem

  713. 100200 jump ropes later…

  714. Heart Builds Muscle

  715. Train lately?

  716. Become the focus

  717. Another one bites the dust

  718. Claim what's rightfully theirs.

  719. When you want to walk towards the light

  720. Stick a fork in him

  721. 1500 hours spent in the gym for 1 minute in the ring

  722. Worth more than he says he's worth

  723. Round 1: Fall!

  724. One diamond in the ring

  725. Two Gems. One’s a Diamond.

  726. Famously Infamous.

  727. Tried and still true.

  728. Ali vs Liston Round 2 1 again

  729. Winning the fight in yourself makes you unbeatable outside

  730. Lacing them tighter has nothing to do with it

  731. Lace to the death

  732. Take a little Give a lot

  733. Grill ‘Em

  734. When your name gets called do more than show up

  735. Hit hard everywhere you go

  736. Hoodlum Turnover

  737. Work Hard Hit Harder

  738. Every Punch Thrown For You

  739. Your Hardest Opponent Is The Only Obstacle to Overcome.

  740. Will you overcome?

  741. Take a crash course

  742. Overcome their greatness with yours

  743. Blessed. Fragrance for men by Muhammad

  744. Be mine. - Your enemy

  745. The Final Test

  746. FINALS, am I right?

  747. Louisville Slugger

  748. Kentucky Fried Killer

  749. Get Up Against All Odds

  750. What are you afraid of?

  751. Your Next Nightmare or Your Next Dream

  752. Experience and Reach can only take you so far

  753. Dig your way into them

  754. Get Your Popcorn Ready

  755. David vs Muhammad

  756. Battle of Egos

  757. Ego vs Super Ego

  758. Battle was lost at the weigh-in

  759. Not as emotional as Creed

  760. Proven Again.

  761. It’s Now or Forever

  762. Nowhere to hide.

  763. Believe what you see

  764. Stay calm and hit on.

  765. Hit harder than your hardest

  766. Fighting gets you nowhere

  767. And that's why you eat your veggies

  768. Did you see that?

  769. No such thing as a can't miss moment.

  770. Sometimes you just get lucky

  771. When things go your way

  772. Be Bold

  773. Father Time still undefeated

  774. Get a grip.

  775. Just get it out.

  776. Say what needs to be said.

  777. What anger issues?

  778. Turn on the heat

  779. You can't always get what you want.

  780. Nothing but a hurdle

  781. Still got lots to learn.

  782. Impossible is everything (to some)

  783. How often does this come around?

  784. Take Fight

  785. Better to swing both ways

  786. You're in good hands

  787. Shoot to miss.

  788. It's the shoes

  789. Blink and you'll miss it

  790. Game of will

  791. Powered by willpower

  792. All-in

  793. Most Wanted Poster.

  794. Lay it all out there.

  795. Some pictures need no words.

  796. Handicap Credentials

  797. Flatlined.

  798. Caught red handed.

  799. Two fast one furious

  800. It's his now.

  801. No one remembers their first fight.

  802. Ali’s phone wallpaper

  803. Liston’s caller ID photo

  804. The day after, the earth stood still.

  805. Food coma.

  806. Like a good neighbor.

  807. Time to collect that life insurance policy.

  808. Sometimes Bravery is just an extra step.

  809. Thousands of shutters clicked, one photo remains.

  810. Nothing but another punching bag


  812. There is no after

  813. Pride before the rise

  814. TMZ top story

  815. Snapchat Story that never ends

  816. You. Are. Here.

  817. Mirror inferior on the ground

  818. Get what you deserve

  819. Punchgate

  820. Meant for greatness

  821. Everlast outlasts

  822. Outlast with Everlast

  823. Loser by unanimous decision

  824. Punch Drunk Hate

  825. Pick your battles.

  826. How to outclass now in session

  827. Knock ‘em dead

  828. When the going gets

  829. Knock their socks off

  830. When's the last time you had a good night’s rest?

  831. Shut their mouth

  832. Scarecrow vs Cowardly Bear

  833. Survival of the sickest

  834. Twinkle twinkle biggest star

  835. Actions speak just as loud as words

  836. Add insult to history

  837. At the drop of a bearcat

  838. Sometimes it takes one to tango

  839. Caught dead

  840. Once in a few moons

  841. Got their monies worth

  842. Killed the same bird with two stones

  843. Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words

  844. The original punch-out

  845. As long as you know you’re flipping them the bird

  846. Game of Throne

  847. Ali has a thousand words for this picture

  848. Stand Trial.

  849. Get Back To Work.

  850. Back Up The Trash

  851. Underdog vs Bear.

  852. What underdog story?

  853. Would you believe it if you saw it?

  854. Twice an underdog. Twice a champion.

  855. One year of training for one minute.

  856. Float like a paper bag. Drift in the wind.

  857. Sting like a motherf!@#$%

  858. It takes them a second to recognize you

  859. Make your millions

  860. Monday Motivation.

  861. TBT TMT.

  862. Reap what you sought.

  863. Hours of training recognized in one second.

  864. What are you doing with your life?

  865. The stage is set. The curtain rises. Turn on the lights. Punch them out.

  866. They grow up so fast don’t they?

  867. Fear is nothing to be ashamed of.

  868. Extraordinary. Impossible.

  869. Greatness in a flash

  870. A Flash of Greatness

  871. Unforgettable  

  872. Don’t miss the unmissable.

  873. Sports Theater

  874. Stranger things happened

  875. Absolute Silence

  876. Speak up

  877. Know when you’ve been victorious

  878. Shake hands after

  879. Be a good sport

  880. No easy feat

  881. True Grit

  882. OH LAWD

  883. GOOD GOD

  884. You thought you worked hard?

  885. Work Harder.

  886. See your moment of glory

  887. Envision Glory.

  888. Glorified to Glory.

  889. Rise to be risen.

  890. Don’t be salty.

  891. Pour salt on the wound

  892. Careful on your way down.

  893. Remind yourself where you’ve been

  894. What has happened can never happen again

  895. Where you’ve been changes where you go

  896. Don’t allow judgement to cloud your judgement

  897. Can you feel it?

  898. Conspiracy in the making

  899. Conspiracy for those who don’t believe

  900. Theory in the making

  901. Theory of Everything

  902. Hover hand

  903. Don’t try and fight it.

  904. Lie back and lose

  905. Say no more

  906. Destroy the competition

  907. Humiliation minus the humility

  908. Put dinner on the table

  909. Turn the tables

  910. Shot on iPhone 6

  911. Red, White, and Black

  912. Fight in style

  913. Ali Wears Short Shorts

  914. Before Color TV

  915. 1960s Photorealistic

  916. 1960 never looked so 2016.

  917. 2016 never looked so 1960.

  918. Forget the date. Remember the greatest.

  919. Stand the test of time.

  920. Stand the test of crime.

  921. It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

  922. It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you knock them down.

  923. Prove you’re a good sport.

  924. See the invisible.

  925. Age in no barrier.

  926. It’s all mental.

  927. Greatest asset is your ass.

  928. A photo carries dust. Memories last forever.

  929. Hate training. Love winning.

  930. Give up afterwards.

  931. Once the bell rings it’s over.

  932. Once the bell rings it’s all on the line.

  933. It’s now or forever.

  934. No excuse for anyone to work harder than you

  935. Never give in to giving up.

  936. The upper hand is always yours.

  937. The upper hand should always be yours.

  938. Got something to prove?

  939. Challenge accepted.

  940. Put the hours of sweat to work

  941. It’s time to sweat.

  942. Red, white, and black

  943. Be your own hero.

  944. “Sportsmanship”

  945. Coach from the shadows

  946. Sleep in the streets. Wake up in the ring.

  947. Times have changed. Moments haven't.

  948. Download this for free.

  949. So rude.

  950. Raise you up. Tear them down.

  951. Free at last free at last.

  952. Make your millions

  953. Put your heart and guts on the line

  954. You only get one opportunity

  955. Hear to get what's yours

  956. Rise to the challenge

  957. Rise to the occasional knockdown


  959. Maybe he's born with it

  960. UFC can't touch this

  961. Never concede without a fight

  962. Case of the Mondays

  963. How you should feel everyday

  964. Fake it till you make it

  965. Be the bull

  966. Hit by a train

  967. Be molded.

  968. If at first you don't concede, they will.

  969. Know you trained harder.

  970. Put your training to the test.

  971. Put through the ringer

  972. It takes a man to become a man

  973. Make a man out of yourself

  974. M. O. T. I. V. A. T. I. O. N.

  975. Ali is for agility.

  976. Actually one in a million.

  977. Open up the floor

  978. The floor is open. Take it.

  979. The floor is your throne.

  980. Be the floor general with every step

  981. It only takes a moment to make a man.

  982. Hallelujah Hellavuh moment.

  983. Give them hell or take theirs.

  984. Turn heads

  985. Every second someone looks at this

  986. What's your motivation?

  987. Train hard. Derail the competition.

  988. Story of a different Muhammad.

  989. Even let downs can make history

  990. Overcome the odds in your favor

  991. Overcome what obstacles?

  992. Didn't you hear? He's the greatest

  993. Modern day drama queen

  994. No illness can take away his impact

  995. Impact the world

  996. What didn't happen in Vegas happened in Vegas

  997. Time told.

  998. Do you want to be respected or do you want to be popular?

  999. Difference between 8 am and 6 am.

  1000. Fight for respect

  1001. Your goal on a nightly basis

  1002. Pick the red car.

  1003. Train till it hurts again

  1004. A moment like this comes anytime you make it happen

  1005. Make their moment yours

  1006. From riches to rags

  1007. Take care of your business

  1008. There’s always coming back from something

  1009. You have one job. Do it.

  1010. Wow those are red.

  1011. Red travels fastest.

  1012. Red is the fastest color.

  1013. By the time you see it it’ll already be too late

  1014. Too red too late.

  1015. Back in Black

  1016. Hit ‘em red

  1017. Have them seeing red

  1018. Fight amongst yourselves

  1019. Who’s the real enemy?